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Is every emergency plumbing call really a crisis?

Well, to you it may be, and it should be to us too! Even though in reality it may or may not be, Force Plumbing Services likes to treat every call the way you imagine it to be handled.

Being on the same page (contractor & customer) just makes for an overall better experience for both parties. So in the case of a real plumbing emergency you experience in Lancaster Ohio or the surrounding areas. Cooperation from both sides gets the best results.

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Lancaster Emergency Plumber Near Me

How do you get an emergency plumber in Lancaster? No matter how well the pipe is connected or how good your plumbing is it is going to leak, clog, or “something”, somewhere over time.

When you hire an emergency plumber in Lancaster Ohio, you have to be certain they are competent. Our professionals have come from a long line of experience and are well-trained in emergency plumber services. In some cases you may only need to hire a plumber for a day or two, as they will be able to identify the problem and help fix it.

Feel free to ask if the plumber that helps services you has any experience with your area. Most will know the conditions that the community may be experiencing as a whole. A good company will be familiar with the local plumbing and problems, so that they can provide you with the best possible emergency plumbing services.

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Emergency Plumbing FAQ

  1. Burst Pipes – First thing before calling an emergency plumer is to shut off the main valve to your house. Closing this will shut off the water suply to the different fixtures and stop the flooding.
  2. Frozen Pipes – If water freezes in the pipes it can expand and make the pipes burst. If this is a problem that can occur, having the water running in the home can help prevent this.
  3. Leaking Fixtures – Each fixtures should have its own sperate shutoff valve. Shut the valve off and check for any debris, hair, or clog in the pipes or trap.
  4. Blocked Drains – Backed up drains and clogs can cause unneeded headaches. You can attempt to obstruct the block with a plunger or snake to dislodge the clog.
  5. Gas Leaks – If you smell a heavy gas odor it is best to evacuate the property. It is not recommended to perform any repairs due to the dangers if not handled properly. Call a plumber or the gas company.

The size of the leak can help you determine how urgent the issues is but does not eliminate the importance. A small leak can turn into a damaging problem over time, or has potential to turn into a big leak if not taken care of in the poper amount of time.