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Not all things are meant for the garbage disposal but Force Plumbing Services was meant for all your garbage disposal repairs, replacements, and installations.

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Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacements

Most people do not realize that their garbage disposer may not be working properly or even at all. You can easily make minor repairs to this appliance, so it works the way that it should. You will also be able to use it efficiently and effectively once it has been repaired.

If you are unable to complete a minor garbage disposal repair yourself, you can always reach out to Force Plumbing Services and ask for our advice on a new unit to choose.

We can recommend which ones are the best and most affordable options for your needs or have us come take a look to give you an estimate on your garbage disposal repairs.

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Garbage Disposal Services & Installations

One of the most common problems that arise with these appliances is clogging. In fact, most people do not notice that they are actually clogged. This is why you need to keep up with proper maintenance on your disposal to prevent the build-up of  garbage. Here are a few tips for avoiding odors and clogs:

  • Always run your regular operations of your disposal through the colder season of the year, which will help to cool the motor down. Leaving the garbage disposal on while food scraps are being completely consumed can sometimes cause a build-up of food particles inside the tank. This could result in unpleasant smells that can ruin the overall feel of your kitchen and your surroundings.
  • Regularly clean the dirt, grease, and grime from the appliance’s filter. When you see that your unit is working better, you should change the filters as well. You should also clean the drainage pipe on a regular basis and make sure that it does not contain any food debris.
  • Automatic features should also be utilized to help speed up the process of getting the garbage out of your unit. There are units that can automatically vacuum your garbage after each batch is removed from your disposal. However, if you cannot afford this type of machine, then you can empty it manually, but it would still take a longer time than the automatic unit.
  • The last thing that you need to do to maintain the efficiency of your appliance is regularly clean the drain pipes and other parts of the unit itself. These parts can often accumulate more dirt and grime than the rest of the unit. As a result, you should have them regularly cleaned by a professional to prevent the build-up of food debris and odor.