Gas Water Heater Replacement & Installation Lancaster Ohio

If you live in Lancaster Ohio and are looking to install a new gas water heater, you don’t have to go any further than your backyard. With the right know-how and some professional help, we can get your hot water running quickly and safely. Force Plumbing Services of Lancaster Ohio are here to lend you a helping hand.

We’re qualified professionals who can do the job right and with careful planning and preparation, your installation will be done successfully in no time! We’ll make sure your installation goes smoothly and safely so that you can enjoy hot showers without worry.

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How Does A Gas Water Heater Work

Gas water heaters are an efficient and cost-effective way to provide hot water for your home. They use natural gas or propane to generate the heat necessary to bring cold water up to temperature. During the process, a burner ignites the gas within the tank of the heater, which then transfers its heat through metal tubes located at the bottom of the unit. As warm air rises from these tubes, it warms up the surrounding water until it reaches your desired temperature setting.


Atmospheric vent fan assists gas water heaters and is designed with special features that help you save on energy costs over time, such as their ability to regulate how much fuel is used during operation. Tankless water heater systems can also be installed for additional energy savings by eliminating stand-by losses associated with traditional tanks. And if you’re looking for even more efficiency, there are always damper atmospheric vent gas water heater models that automatically adjust their burn rate depending on changes in ambient temperatures outside. All these options are readily available when having a professional install your new hot water heater system!

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Ron Mccarty
A+ service! Highly recommend.
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Bert Wall
Tara and the guys were great - patient friendly & and fun to work with. Yeah I said it fun to work with. They made a difficult situation better with their humor. The work was 10/10 would recommend.
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Josh Bernthold
The best plumbing company in Lancaster Ohio. Glad to do business with John and his team. Highly recommend! Installed a new water heater for us.
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John Kirkbride
Their drain cleaning guy Nathan is the best drain guy in Lancaster have had many properties and he shows up every time even when I can't get ahold of anyone else
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Beth Ann Wallace
Called for drain cleaning services in Lancaster for an outdoor drain that was clogged. Very satisfied with the service.
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D.J. Brown
My hot water tank bit the dust on me this past week and I found Force Plumbing Services on Google to talk about water heater replacement options. I have nothing but great things to say about my experience! Beginning to end, the process was smooth as butter. When I first contacted them, I wasn't sure what type of water heater would be best for my needs. However, after talking with John at Force Plumbing, he was a world of knowledge and let me pick his brain and helped me with the entire process a lot. He really took the time to explain the differences between various types of water heaters, and ultimately helped me choose a tankless water heater system. I'm extremely glad I chose Force Plumbing Services for my water heater replacement. The entire experience was a breeze and I would tell anyone in Lancaster they could feel confident using their team for any plumbing related issues.
Bart Lichtenauer
Bart Lichtenauer
I had both of my water heaters go out and needed two new gas water heaters installed. John and his crew from Force Plumbing came and replaced both water heaters and had me back up and running the same day. I would recommend this plumber in Lancaster for your hot water tank replacements. Will be using them in the future.
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Cindy Lichtenauer
Good price and got the job done!
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Tabatha Laughlin
They came immediately and handled the problem quickly

Gas Vs Electric: Which Hot Water Heater Is Best

The debate between gas vs electric water heaters has been going on for years, and the answer is not one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right water heater depends on several factors including budget, energy efficiency, size needs, installation location, and whether you want to be able to control your hot water temperature. Here are some things to consider when deciding which hot water heater is best for you:

*Gas Water Heaters: Gas water heaters tend to have lower initial costs than electric models but higher operating costs due to their reliance on natural gas as a fuel source. They also require professional installation because they must be connected directly to an outdoor venting system.

*Electric Water Heaters: Electric water heaters often cost less over time since electricity is generally cheaper than natural gas. Installation can usually be done without major modifications or additional construction work; however, larger homes may require multiple electric units to provide sufficient heating capacity. Additionally, most households will need at least two dedicated circuits for these units.

Both types of hot water tanks require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently and safely over time. For instance, homeowners should always check their systems regularly for any signs of wear or damage that could indicate a repair service might be needed soon. In addition, it’s important to flush tankless hot water heaters every 6 months and annual inspections should be performed by a licensed contractor with experience in both gas and electric installations so that potential problems can be addressed before becoming costly disasters down the road.

So no matter which type of water heater you choose – gas or electric – proper usage and routine maintenance will help ensure its life expectancy is maximized while helping you avoid unnecessary repairs and replacements further down the line!

Signs You Should Replace Your Gas Water Heater


gas water heater installation and replacement

Nobody likes to start their day shivering in a cold shower, or cleaning up after an unexpected water heater leak. So if you’re worried about the state of your hot water tank, it’s time to listen to the warning signs that something might be amiss. From corrosion and rust on the outside of your tank to a decline in performance inside, there are many indications that it’s time for gas water heater installation in Lancaster Ohio – or at least some major repairs from a trusted local water heater repair company such as Force Plumbing.

A lack of maintenance can cause all sorts of problems with your gas-powered heating system over time: slow recovery times; lukewarm showers; frequent cycling; strange noises coming from the unit; accumulation of sediment at the bottom due to hard water buildup…the list goes on! If any one (or several) of these issues sound familiar, then it could be time for a full replacement. Don’t wait until things get worse – call a professional hot water tank installation and maintenance company right away so they can determine whether you need repairs or a complete water heater replacement.

Maintenance Tips For A Gas Water Heater

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Maintaining a gas water heater is essential to keeping it running efficiently and safely. To ensure your unit remains in top condition, there are several maintenance tips you should follow. These include regularly checking the temperature settings, inspecting the external components for signs of damage or wear, and having it serviced by a qualified technician on an annual basis.

Following these simple tips will help keep your gas water heater functioning at its best while reducing energy use. In addition, regular upkeep can prevent more serious issues down the road that may require costly repairs or replacements. It’s always wise to consult with expert maintenance professionals if any problems arise so they can be quickly addressed before further damage occurs. Taking care of your heating system now will save you money and stress later on!

Gas Water Heater Repair Lancaster Ohio

When it comes to gas water heater repair in Lancaster Ohio, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, if your hot water heater is more than 10 years old and showing signs of wear or malfunctioning, consider replacing the entire unit rather than attempting repairs. Force Plumbing Services can provide a professional assessment and help you determine which option is best for your situation.

The following steps will guide you through the process of finding a reputable company that provides quality services:

  1. Ask friends and family members who they have used in the past for gas water heater repair services.
  2. Research online reviews from other customers to make sure you’re choosing a reliable provider with great customer feedback.
  3. Contact several contractors to compare prices and get an accurate estimate on the cost of repairs or replacement equipment.


It’s important to choose a contractor that has experience working with gas-fired systems and understands local building codes. They should also be able to detect any potential water leaks as part of their inspection process. Once you’ve chosen a qualified contractor, they’ll go over the details of their work including any additional fees or parts required for your specific model of the water heater. The technician will then install the new system safely and effectively so that your home is up and running again quickly — giving you access to hot showers once again!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to forget, but draining your gas water heater is an important part of keeping it running at its best. Most households should drain their heater twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall—to ensure good performance and keep sediment from building up inside the tank. But how exactly do you go about doing this?

If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry: It’s not too complicated. First, turn off both the cold-water supply valve that feeds into your heater and the power switch or circuit breaker for your electric unit if applicable. Next, attach a garden hose to the drain valve on the bottom of your water heater and place the other end either outside or into a bucket to catch any excess water that may come out during draining. Open up the drain valve slowly until all remaining hot water has drained from your tank; when finished, close it firmly then turn back on both valves or switches that were previously turned off.

Draining your gas water heater might seem like a daunting task, but following these simple steps can help ensure that it will continue functioning effectively over time while also helping prevent the buildup of sediment within its tank.