How To Prevent Hair Clogs in Your Drain

Absolutely nothing is even worse than standing in ankle-deep, filthy water thanks to a pesky hair block in your shower drain. Prior to you grabbing a razor and starting to take extreme steps, there are plenty of actions you can take to avoid hair blockages in your drain pipes and remove them efficiently when they do take place.

Avoiding Hair Obstruction For Your Drains

The very best method to stop any issue from occurring is taking preventive procedures to reduce its possibility. Our team of plumbing specialists have actually seen it all, and we understand the very best methods to utilize in order to avoid hair obstructions in your drains and pipes. Some simple avoidance steps consist of:

  1. Installing a Drain Cover: Purchase a drain screen from your local hardware or market and put one in every shower or tub in your house. There are even drain screens particularly developed to trap hair.
  2. Eliminate Hair from Sinks & Showers: Prior to showering or bath, brush the excess hair off your head to prevent any loose hairs from falling on the tub flooring. Watch out for any hair you see and clean it far from the drain.
  3. Flush Your Drains: This takes a little household coordination to achieve. Just close all bathtub and shower drain pipes and sink drain pipes, fill each tub or sink with warm water, and have somebody standing beside each drain and toilet in the house. At the same time, everybody opens their drains and flush the toilets to flush all the drain pipes at the same time.

These 3 avoidance techniques can keep you from pulling your hair out over clogged up drains pipes in the house. Even the most cautious people can still fall victim to slow-moving drains pipes triggered by hair blockages. Thankfully, there are actions you can consider safe elimination without needing to hire an expert.

Eliminating Hair Blockage From Your Drains

In some cases avoidance simply does not suffice. When an obstruction takes control of your house’s drains pipes, attempt the following Do It Yourself elimination techniques:

  1. Get a Plunger: Plungers aren’t simply fantastic for clogged up toilets– you can likewise utilize them to suck up hair and other particles by putting them firmly over your drain and plunging away!
  2. Usage Natural Solutions: Severe chemical options developed for drain blockage elimination can do more damage than excellent. Rather, utilize natural drain cleaning approaches such as putting boiling water down the drain or a mix of 3/4 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar followed by boiling water.
  3. Get Your Hands Dirty: If you have a drain screen set up, you’ll require to occasionally eliminate any particles they capture to prevent blockages. Get a set of gloves or get your hands gross for a moment to take out the hair by hand and eliminate the obstruction.

These reliable techniques can assist you prevent arranging a visit with your local plumber. Even if your drain blockage can’t be repaired through “Do It Yourself” techniques, Force Plumbing Services has the expert group you require to get the task done.

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