Private Utility Locating Lancaster Ohio

Utility locating is a process that requires specialized skill and knowledge to effectively find utility lines in the ground. In Lancaster, Ohio, there are many locations where this service may be needed.

Utility locating involves using various methods to identify underground utilities such as water mains, sewer lines, gas lines, and electrical cables.

It is essential for any construction project that needs to determine the exact location of these utilities before beginning work on a site or digging into the soil. Professional technicians use specialized equipment including electronic locators and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) systems to detect the presence of buried objects such as pipes and wires so they can be avoided during excavation work.

utilities locating lancaster oh

When Do You Need An Underground Utility Locating Service?

Utility marking is an important safety protocol that requires a professional to be certified and trained in the regulations regarding locating utilities.

In Lancaster, Ohio this service is provided by 811 One Call Services which is responsible for identifying utility lines owned by electric, gas, oil, sewer, telephone, and water companies.

It is essential that these lines are accurately marked so as to avoid any liability issues arising from potential damage caused due to not following the required safety protocols during construction work or excavation.

The depth of utility lines must also be taken into account when planning a project in order to ensure no accidental disruption occurs on existing public or private property.

Utility locators will survey underground infrastructure before digging begins which can help with avoiding any costly legal disputes later down the line should there be any accidents involving unmarked pipes or wires.

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What Do You Use To Locate Utilities?

To locate utilities like pipes and cables that are buried underground, we use a special device called a utility locator. This device helps us find where these utilities are located, so we can avoid digging or damaging them. The utility locator has different features that make it useful. It has a screen that shows information about the utilities, such as their depth and type. The locator also has different settings and buttons that help us navigate through the information easily.

The utility locator can detect different frequencies that utilities give off. It has built-in frequencies for different types of utilities, like metal pipes and non-metal cables. We can also add and save custom frequencies if we need to find other types of utilities. The locator can even detect utilities passively by picking up the frequency of electricity that flows through them.

Overall, a utility locator is a helpful tool that makes it easier and safer to find buried utilities by using different frequencies, but the tool alone will not help unless you are knowledgeable in the area of underground utilities themselves.

What Can A Private Utility Locator Help Me With?

Utility locators provide a valuable service to those in the Lancaster, Ohio area and surrounding communities. By using advanced technology and expertise to detect underground utilities, they can help save time and money on projects that involve excavation.

Utility locating professionals are knowledgeable of cost estimates for job completion, safety guidelines that must be adhered to for any construction work, as well as legal requirements and environmental impacts associated with each project.

Their services also include providing detailed plans indicating exactly where all utility lines are located before any digging takes place. This ensures the safety of workers during excavation activities and reduces the risk of costly damage or delays due to unforeseen obstacles.

Some of the privately installed utilities we have the ability to locate are: water, gas, sewer, communication, and electric lines not covered by 811/OUPS. We are also able to locate ducts, septic tanks, underground pipes, invisible fences, sprinkler lines, and drain pipes.

Additional Utilities 811 Does Not Locate

Utility locating in Lancaster, Ohio is an important process to ensure the safety of any project and must be done accurately.

811 does not locate all utilities, some include chilled water lines, process sewers, tanks, chemical lines, product lines, fire lines, irrigation lines, low voltage control wires, oxygen lines, hydraulic lines, and private alarm wires. It is essential that a certified utility locator from the state of Ohio verifies all underground facilities before excavation occurs.

Utility locating techniques are used to identify buried pipes; these include GPR (ground penetrating radar) surveys and EMF (electromagnetic field) detection methods which measure magnetic fields created by electric current flow.

These tools allow technicians to accurately detect the presence of different types of material at various depths under the ground including metal piping and cables. Additionally, specialized equipment may also be necessary when dealing with hazardous materials like fuel lines or pipelines carrying flammable liquids or gases such as propane or natural gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is the law to call before you dig in Ohio. The law is known as Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 3781.25, also referred to as the Ohio Underground Damage Prevention Law or the Ohio One Call Law. This law requires anyone planning to excavate or dig on public or private property to notify the appropriate utility companies and request utility locating services before starting any excavation work.

The purpose of this law is to prevent accidental damage to underground utility lines, such as gas, water, electric, telecommunications, and sewer lines, which can cause disruptions, injuries, or even fatalities. By calling the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) or submitting an online request through their website, you can notify the utility companies of your excavation plans. They will then mark the locations of their underground facilities within a specified time frame, usually 48 hours, so that you can dig safely and avoid damaging any utilities.

It’s important to follow this law to ensure the safety of yourself, others, and the infrastructure in your community. Failing to comply with the Ohio One Call Law can result in legal consequences, including fines and potential liability for damages caused by not following the proper procedures for excavation.

In Ohio, you need to contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) before you start any digging or excavation work. OUPS serves as a central notification center and coordinates with the utility companies on your behalf. Here’s how you can reach OUPS:

Dial 811: The easiest and most commonly used method is to simply dial 811 (Tap To Call Now) from anywhere in Ohio. This number will connect you to OUPS, and you can request utility locating services by providing the necessary information about your excavation plans.

Online: You can also visit the OUPS website at and submit an online request for utility locating. The website provides a user-friendly interface where you can enter the required information and submit your request.

When contacting OUPS, it’s important to provide them with accurate and detailed information about your excavation project, including the location, start date, and type of work you plan to undertake. OUPS will then notify the relevant utility companies, who will send representatives to mark the locations of their underground lines and facilities within the specified timeframe (usually 48 hours).

Remember, contacting OUPS before you dig is not only a legal requirement in Ohio but also a crucial step to ensure your safety and the protection of underground utilities.

If you need a private utility locator after talking with OUPS, call us directly for  assistance 740-200-8236