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Are you taking cold showers? Is only one person able to take a shower a night while everyone else has to wait, uncomfortable, and smelling like a donkey’s rear?

You may need to start looking at your options to get yourself a reliable hot water tank where everyone can enjoy the benefits. You really don’t notice how important your water heater is until it’s out, or not working properly. It’s like not realizing how much you use your back daily till it goes out or you have surgery on it.

Nonetheless, don’t let yourself get in a jam like that. We can be your “doctor”, but only for the water heater!

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Hot Water Heater Repair & Installations

How much does it really cost to have a new hot water tank installed in Lancaster? The initial cost of the new hot water heater installation is dependent on the model, brand, size, and availability of electrical power to operate the unit.

When it comes time to replace a damaged water heating system, there are a number of different locations in which your hot water tank can be located. If your water tank is installed in the basement, chances are good that the system will not require any type of maintenance.

If, however, your hot water heater is located in a high traffic area such as a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, you may need to consider purchasing a tank cover. This will ensure that your hot water system remains functioning at all times. It is important to ensure that the cover is large enough to cover your entire unit, including the pipes and fittings.

Is your hot water heater still working? If your unit is not generating any heat at all, and the water in your tank is not at all warm, then it is likely that your unit is no longer working properly. If the heater is not producing heat, it may be necessary to have it serviced by a professional.

Some of the common issues that cause hot water heater issues include a blockage of the return valve and a leaky thermostat. Both of these issues will require the services of a licensed plumber to repair properly. If your heater requires repair and the problem is caused by the thermostat, it is important to contact a plumber who specializes in this area to avoid any unnecessary damage to your hot water heater.

Is your hot water heater currently producing the temperatures that you desire? 

If your water heater is producing the temperatures that you desire, you will want to consider the following steps before contacting a professional to assist with your repair: 

  1. Turn on your heater; inspect the thermostat; if it is in working order, then check the thermostat to make sure that you are operating it at the proper temperature. 
  2. If the thermostat is inoperable, then the next step is to shut down the unit; if your hot water heater is not producing any heat, then you will need to open the gas line that supplies the heat to the heater, and turn off the supply valve but if you are uncomfortable doing that or not experienced, definitely call a professional to get your problem looked at.

Is the gas line leaking? If your heater is producing too much heat and causing your water to become uncomfortable, then it may be necessary to unplug the gas line and gas filter. Also, if the leak is not repairable, it may be necessary to remove the entire tank and the gas pump from the valve. This will allow the gas to escape and allow the heat to dissipate to allow the system to stabilize.

Will the repair cost outweigh the benefits of having your heater repaired? Depending upon your situation, it is important to determine whether the cost is worth the benefits of having your system repaired (we will give you our honest opinion of what should be done).

As previously mentioned, having a professional repair your hot water heater will allow you to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your hot water heater will be operating properly. At all times, it is important to keep the water heater clean.

If the problem is serious, then you will want to speak to a professional repair company to help with the repair. You can call Force Plumbing Services of Lancaster Ohio to help with all your water heater problems.